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Seeing your child hurt or sick or in any sort of pain is definitely harder on the parents than it is on the child. My poor babe has had this cold off and on for the last few weeks… and it just pains me each time he throws up or cries when he can’t breathe. The doc wasn’t concerned though and even said they don’t like to give babies medication if they can avoid it. Regan is strong though, and very, very resilient.

I’ll never even forget the first time(s) he fell off the bed. You seriously feel like the worst parent in the world, and you beat yourself up over what you could have done to keep him safe. And when it happens a second time, you feel even worse! Ideally, I would keep Regan in a bubble until he’s 18. I mean, Diplo crowd surfs in bubbles, so it’s a cool thing to do! :) Anyway, I hope his cold goes away soon. The Nosefrida has been our best friend.

I like being a mother.

This actually popped up on my IG feed the other day and it made me realize how many friends I’ve lost (or maybe just drifted from) since becoming a mother. And it’s not like anything specific happened either… your priorities change, you grow apart, and you’re just not on the same page anymore. If I were younger, I would probably be sad, but I’m honestly not phased by it at all. I’ve actually become more appreciative of those who are still around, especially those who make an effort to also see and be there for my son.

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Today’s celebration wouldn’t be complete without dessert and candles. Thank you for the #bundtinis, Daddy! #kingregan #8monthsold #reganscakecakecake #nothingbundtcake

Here I am at work, taking a break and pumping in the empty office, and downing an iced latte because I am soooo sleepy from staying up “late” last night. No, Regan did not keep us up…. we kept ourselves up. Because like most Apple-crazed Americans, we were waiting to pre-order Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone. Not ORDER, but PRE-order. We are so ridiculous sometimes… but I guess this is the stuff that excites us these days. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was available for pre-order at midnight last night before its official September 19th debut. Midnight is about 2-3 hours past our bed time, so you can only imagine how tired I am right now. Regan was always a good sleeper, so I jokingly told Jo this morning that this is how sleep-deprived first time parents must feel….hehe. Sorry if you really are a sleep-deprived first time parent. :D

Anyway, you would think it was something quick and easy… but when has Apple ever made anything quick and easy for us? They’ve already somehow convinced us to give them all of our money for things we don’t need (ahem, iWatch). Anyway, after about an hour of trying on our separate iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks (we heart you Apple!), we were finally able to get through the AT&T site. Jo is getting his shiny new iPhone 6 a week from today, but sadly, I won’t be getting my shiny new iPhone 6 Plus for another 3-4 weeks because I guess those phones sold out first…. sigh. As anxious as I’ve been to get my new 128gb gold iPhone 6 Plus.. I guess I can just wait a little bit longer and enjoy the last few weeks with my 16gb black iPhone 5 (How did I survive almost 2 years with that much storage??)

BIGGER (in size and in gb) IS BETTER especially when you’re a mom! More pictures and videos in higher quality of your little one!!!!!!! And I don’t care how ridiculous I’ll look with a tablet phone or PHABLET. (OK, I think the caffeine is finally starting to kick in.)

I am probably the girliest girl you will ever meet. I love pink everything, glitter, bows, hearts, lipstick, Disney princesses… you name it! But lately, my world has been made up of going to comic book stores after work, standing in line to pre-order a video game, cleaning up Ninja Turtles toys, shopping for bow ties and jogger pants (big and mini), listening to fantasy football radio to/from work, not to mention living in a room where you only see shades of gray, black, or blue. Haha but I am not complaining! I absolutely love my life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s just funny how life works out sometimes. I find myself wanting more Nike shoes and Supreme hats now than MAC lipstick and manicures. OK OK… maybe I still like my manicures and lipstick. The best thing about sharing a life with boys is that you will always be the queen. :) Love my boys!

But… can you please, please let me have a little bit more pink in my life?

I’m proud to say that I’ve been in love 3 times, and I’m certain this third time is going to stick. I loved my first love and I love(d) my second love, but there is no way they can ever compare to my third love. My first love was from the tender age of 13 until I was 23. My second love was from 23 (off and on) until present day ;), but I fell in unconditional LOVE love at 28 when I first heard his heart beat on June 4, 2013. 

I remember that day like it was yesterday. We went to our first appointment, spent some time in the city, bought baby’s first gift, and ended the day at a musical. During that first prenatal appointment, we were sitting nervously in the waiting room… something we had already experienced in the past that didn’t have a happy ending. That day, however, did have a happy ending and this is an excerpt from my prego princess blog:

I could barely sleep the night before and J couldn’t come until the morning because he had a meeting to prepare for… so I laid in bed tossing and turning. I kept over thinking and over analyzing my symptoms — Did they stop? Is this all in my head? Do I really feel sick? Are my boobs less sore than they were yesterday? — but I eventually fell asleep. I took the entire day off work and he picked me up and went to our appointment. They gave me a transvaginal ultrasound which was very uncomfortable… but once I saw little JJ (Jule or Jo Jr.) on the screen, all of that went away. Then the PA pointed out a flicker which was the heartbeat… then she zoomed on something and then we actually HEARD it! I can’t explain how I felt during that moment. It made everything feel so much more real. I didn’t cry, but my eyes did tear up. When it was all done, I asked J how he was feeling and he said, “good.” He’s always been a man of few words, but that “good” already said a lot to me.

In looking back, I think it was that day I vowed to do any and everything for my new love, my third love, my charm. He’s been nothing but mommy’s good luck charm ever since.

My favorite time of the day is the extra 5 minutes of cuddling before getting up for worky #kingregan #handsomedeguzmans #mommydiaries #creepermommy


10 things I have learned while I’ve been on my daddy leave.

10. I am lucky that Regan sleeps through the night.

9. Poop, pee, throw up, or any projectile Regan can create doesn’t phase me anymore.

8. I never knew I was a worrywart until I had this guy, or you just become one because you just want everything to be perfect for him.

7. His crying makes me more anxious than the 49ers down by 5 with time running out during the Super Bowl.

6. I drive like an old man now. The fastest I go is 65 mph.

5. Babies will teach you a new level of patience.

4. I will be frustrated with Regan one second, but as soon as I hear that laugh or see that smile, I’m over it. You can call me a softy now.

3. It is harder to be a deadbeat dad than a father that cares. It takes more strength to ignore that love your baby gives you! No matter the situation just be there.

2. It’s not about me anymore.

1. This list should be “10 reasons why you should have a baby.”

Daddy leave day 43 of 42. I got a bonus day! Happy Father’s Day! #kingregan #daddyleave #instakids #cutekidsclub #elevatedads #vscocam

I want to be on maternity leave again! :(

One last picture of Diana and her bridesmaids. Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day!!!! 😘😘😘 #bearstietheknot #bridesmaids

Our lives changed on January 12, 2014 at 1:58pm when our handsome son Regan Julius was born. It was probably the most stressful/hectic, but happiest, day of our lives. I can share my full labor story some other time. We call him “King Regan” because “Regan” means “little king” or “royal” or “regal.” We fell in love with the name instantly and knew it was the one when we looked up the meaning. Most especially if you know me. :) “Julius” means “youthful” and is also my dad’s name. He never had a son to carry on his last name, so now he has something better: a grandson to carry on his first name! I think that names are very important, most especially when they’re strong. It is no doubt that our son will live up to his name…. and he is only 7 months old!

This little guy has brought nothing but joy to our lives and is always teaching us something new. We love him sooooooOoOOoooooOOOoo much. He has no idea what a past, a present, or a future is. He has no idea how crazy, young, and stupid mommy and daddy were (are)… hehe :). All he knows is that he has mommy that feeds him and daddy that plays with him. Life is simple for him, and he, too, loves us unconditionally. It hasn’t been the easiest journey for us, but it’s been damn well worth it. I’m looking forward to the countless memories we have yet to make with our little king.

Below is our first family photo. Having a baby isn’t glamorous, so please excuse my tired/greasy face. I LOOOOVE my little family!


I’ve always been a blogger (not sure if I was ever a good one) and I absolutely love writing about my experiences (, but work, being a new mommy, and life has gotten in the way of that. I never know who reads my blogs, but if someone is interested, then cool!! I love being able to look back and see what words I used to describe my day or an experience…something that pictures can’t always convey.

Now that I’m someone’s mother, I have a better reason to write about my experiences again. :) One day Regan will grow up and will be able to read about his life through his mommy’s words. I think that’s pretty neat, don’t you? I hope I am able to keep this up, otherwise, he can SEE his life through mommy’s eyes via Instagram hehe.

Who’s ready for some football?! Snag your mini a beanie (and other fashionable accessories) from our friends at @fitted_kids! Gooooo Niners! #kingregan #fitted_kids #49ersbaby #49ers #cometoplay

I. Cannot. Handle. His. Cuteness. Right. Now. #kingregan #sfgiants #boodaddy #daddyisanathleticsfan #firstgiantsgame #goodluckcharm (at AT&T Ballpark. San Francisco Giants.)